Our Sanctuary, LIVE!

CIBC Regathering Update and Information

Cape Island Baptist Church

It has been more than three months since we were able to gather corporately together in person to worship our Triune God.  We are so joyous to announce we will be having worship in our sanctuary this Sunday July 12th @ 10:00 AM.
Upon arriving at Cape Island Baptist Church, you will be greeted at the door by an usher.  Here are a few things which will take place and we are asking of you:
•    Utilize the hand sanitizer available throughout the building
•    Wear masks unless there are medical concerns.  Disposable mask will be available if you need one.  Please be aware the leaders upfront will not be wearing a mask when speaking.
•    We will be taking your temperature with an infrared thermometer before entering the building, if you have a temperature over 100.4, you will not be permitted to enter.
•    We will be collecting a name and telephone number in case we need to notify folks of an exposure.   
There will not be any nursery or children’s church provided, though the nursery room will be open to families if needed.
Restrooms are to be used only in the case that you must.  Please use the restroom one at a time.  Wash your hands with soap and water.  
We will have music and singing. As singing produces more aerosols (germ spreading stuff), we will be masked while singing.  There will be less singing with an opening hymn, two in the middle and one at the close.  
For seating, we do not want to fill our church home with reminder signs. We prefer to educate the congregation and utilize ushers to seat people with the following requirements:
•    Seating every other row in family units or 6 feet apart
•    Hymnals, Bibles, offering envelopes, pens and other materials will be removed from the pews
•    Keep in mind we removed the pew cushions, you may want to bring your own cushion in one hand, Bible in other
•    The balcony will be open for seating to further the social distancing opportunity.
•    Seating Capacity is limited to 52
We will have printed bulletin with an insert for the hymns we will be singing. We will continue to send out an E-bulletin as we have been doing for the online worship service.
There will be a black labeled locked box located outside the sanctuary doors for you to drop off your tithes/offerings.  Feel free to continue mailing or electronic giving as well.
We will observe communion together on July 12th.  We will be using the pre-packaged elements which is all sealed.  
Sunday School will begin on Sunday July 19th @ 9:00 AM with combined classes meeting around the building along with the possibility of outside (weather permitting).  Additional information will follow.  
There will be no greeting or fellowship time. However, we encourage people to properly social distance, and converse with each other in the parking lot or on the front lawn.  If you would like to shake someone’s hand or give someone a hug, be sure they feel safe doing so. And please do not be offended when someone refuses.
Our Worship Service will be live streamed on our website www.cibcnj.org as well as our Facebook page.  Again, if you do not feel comfortable coming to the church building for worship, please continue to join us online!
It will be so joyous to be back together and look forward to the day when we can share in greater fellowship once again!
Blessings to you and remember, Stay in the Word!
Your CIBC Leadership Team,
Pastor Mike, Rose Marie, Ruth, Fabi, John, Dave, Mary Lou, Susan, Deb, Ed, Jonathan, John, Chris, Echo, Barbra, Erin, Sharon, Norma, Jon, Tracey, Terry, and Ruth.